CAD/PLM/AR solutions for design and manufacturing industries


Creo Parametric

Parametric 3D CAD provided by PTC. As the core software of Creo family products, it can be linked with various design methods and applications.

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

A 3D CAD system that enables design changes even late in the design process. The “direct modeling” approach is a design solution that allows for flexible design strategies.

Creo Elements/Direct Drafting

A 2D CAD system based on part and assembly construction with a focus on drafting. A solution that meets the needs of product designers and mechanical engineers.

CAD optional products

AE Plus+

AE Plus+ brings out the full power of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling. This is our original and powerful add-on package that leads to the resolution of all design issues.


An excellent tool specialized for 3D harness design. Highly accurate design and a significant reduction in design time can be expected.


This is the world’s only CAD solution specialized in aluminum extrusion molds. Automatically create 3D models from 2D drawings, significantly reducing design time.

Piping design tools

Strongly supports straight pipe modeling. Piping design and mechanical design in 3D space are performed in parallel in an interactive manner and displayed immediately on the screen.

Flexible Tube

Strong support for curved pipe modeling. Lays curved piping and cables using a 3D curve that can be specified as a copilot as the center trajectory.

AE License Manager

Manage Flexnet, Mels license usage status graphically. We aggregate and analyze the number of licenses and time used for products centered on CAD, and visualize the data.

Other Products

Creo View

A CAD viewer application for comprehensive exploration and visual collaboration. Quickly and easily visualize product geometries from complex and large-scale 3D CAD data.

Creo Illustrate

Easily create technical illustrations. It can be used for various documents such as catalogs and presentation materials. You can also create animations and use it for AR.


Creo Simulation Live

Analysis software that combines the design simulation functions of PTC and ANSYS. Analysis and evaluation can be performed in real time while designing.

Creo Simulate

Creo analysis simulation software. Creo Simulate covers static analysis, frequency analysis, thermal analysis, and some nonlinear areas.

PTC Mathcad

The industry’s only engineering calculation software. A technical calculation solution that realizes technical calculations, documentation, proof of basis, and technology sharing.



A product lifecycle management software product from PTC.
It has comprehensive capabilities to manage products at all stages of the product lifecycle.

ThingWorx Navigate

ThingWorx Navigate provides easy access to Windchill outside of the design department, making it easy to share product data across your organization.

Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager

A product data management system exclusively for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling. We provide maximum support for 3D design with excellent data management functions for team design.


Vuforia Studio

A solution that allows you to easily develop AR content. It is possible to easily develop content that can be used for AR from 3D CAD data.

Vuforia Chalk

This is a remote support tool that utilizes AR. Advanced AR technology and enables communication with high-definition video and improves work efficiency.

Web Products


A cloud-based file transfer service that is convenient for sending and receiving large files.


D-mark useful for specific document management. Automatic data registration ensures data is accumulated.